Nino Cerruti. Biella, Italy.

I was comissioned by the norwegian clothing company Menswear Norway, to travel to Biella, Italy to photograph pioneer designer Nino Cerruti of Lanificio Cerruti. And also to document the company's journey to select fine textiles, and maintain relationships across borders.

The grand tour of Cerruti.

The CEO of Menswear, Tore and the rep from Lanificio Cerruti walking the premises.

Fresh water. 

The secret behind the production of beautiful garments is fresh water, according to Cerruti.

Maserati pick up. 

Flight to Milan. Then we were picked up by Cerruti in their in-house Maserati, and drove out to Biella.

In the office of el Nino.

Even in his 8th decade of living, Nino Cerruti was still active at his office. 

Italian coffee.

A necessity for most meetings in Biella.

Norwegian milk chocolate x Italian desk.

Memories on the wall. 
of a life well lived, in the fashion industry. Pretty woman, Richard Gere, Johnny Depp, to name a few.

A tour de force.

We were given a tour of the astounding production premises.

Error correction.

With meticulous effort, every error is carefully check for by hand.

The Pope.

Of course, the Pope is omnipresent.

In the night streets of Biella.

Even in the local Biella restaurants, there were images of people posing for photographs together with Nino Cerruti.

A night out in Biella.

Talking sartorial garments, 160s, cashwool and cashmere with the guys from Cerruti.

Nino Cerruti passed away on january 15th, 2022. RIP.

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