Exoquad. Inclusivity in the norwegian woods.

Exotek is a company with a vision; to make the offroads available to everyone. 

Whether you're using a wheelchair or walking. Bringing nature one step closer, for us all. 

The Exoquad is a one of a kind, truly groundbreaking technology, 

for the first time making nature accessible on wheels. 

Pioneered by the norwegian company Exotek. 

Made in Norway.

The crew of Exotek, at the workshop in Fagerstrand, Norway.

Engineer Mattias, CEO Eelco, and mechanic Adrian working on parts for the quad.

In the garage workshop.

The Exoquad is literally made by hand, and the work is lead by the engineer Mattias. 

With a background in flight mechanics and jet engines, and a passion for making life more accessible for all, he has built his house around a large garage workshop.

Getting around anywhere.

Finally, people using wheelchairs are also welcome off the beaten path. From the woods to the mountains.

With a strong 4x4 engine, a solid frame and heavy duty wheels, the forrest is open for business.

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