Hi, I'm Henrik Beckheim,

Living a family life in a green haven of Oslo, Norway, I do editorial/commercial photographic work, teach workshops and drink my daily coffee. Drawing sustenance from our apartment gardening, we aspire to a lifestyle of slow living. 

I thrive in natural light, seek authenticity and find beauty in imperfection. 

My life is based on: my love Madeleine, and my 6 year old daughter Amalie.

Happy to travel in Scandinavia and Europe.

Just call: +47 980 56 168  or email:  post@beckheim.com

Client list:

International Herald Tribune
Bloomberg News
Menswear Norge
FSN Capital 
Oslo Kommune
Opsahl Gruppen
Active Brands
Aller Media

Educational courses for photographers: 

My educational courses can be bought in the stores and webshop of Foto.no and here: beckheimworkshops.com

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